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Sarah Teather will stand up for local people in parliament

Sarah Teather will stand up for local people in parliament

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. As Liberal Democrat MP for Brent Central it is a huge honour and privilege for me to represent local people in parliament.

My team and I are here to help on local and national matters. My office in Willesden Green has moved to 70 Walm Lane, Willesden Green, NW2 4RA and is open five days a week.

Please feel free to pop in to talk to one of my excellent caseworkers about anything from housing issues to fly-tipping. The office opening hours are:

Monday: 10am-12pm

Tuesday: 10am-12pm

Wednesday: 10am-12pm

Thursday: 4pm-6pm

Friday: 10am-12pm

Alternatively, I hold regular advice surgeries in my constituency and details of upcoming surgeries can be found here.

There are also a number of ways to get in touch and I look forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,

Sarah Teather

Member of Parliament for Brent Central

Telephone: 020 8459 0455

Recent updates

  • Article: Jul 10, 2014

    Local Liberal Democrats have today spoken out against Brent Council plans to charge residents for waste collections.

    If the Labour-run Council's proposals are approved, residents will be charged £40 a year for their green waste to be collected. Green waste includes items such as grass trimmings.

    At the moment, the cost of the fortnightly green bin collections is included in residents' council tax bills. Residents who do not pay the new fee will have their green bins taken away completely.

  • Article: Jul 7, 2014

    A cross-party panel of parliamentarians will hold an inquiry into the use of immigration detention, it was announced today. The inquiry, which will be chaired by Liberal Democrat MP Sarah Teather, will examine the use of detention in the UK immigration and asylum systems, with a particular focus on the conditions within detention centres, the impact on individual detainees and their families, the wider financial and social consequences, how detention is used in other countries, and the future role of detention within the immigration system.

  • Article: Jul 2, 2014

    Local MP Sarah Teather has today warmly welcomed the announcement by the Liberal Democrats to crackdown on the abuse of zero-hours contracts.

    Over the last decade, there has been a steady rise in the number of workers employed on zero-hour contracts. While the flexibility they offer can be useful to some employers and workers, concerns have been raised that they have been misused by employers.

  • Article: Jul 1, 2014

    Local Liberal Democrat MP Sarah Teather has today announced she is going to table a Private Members' Bill to stop retaliatory evictions.

    Every year, backbench MPs can enter what's known as the Private Members' Ballot. Sarah was one of 20 MPs selected in this year's ballot, which took place earlier this month.

  • Article: Jul 1, 2014

    Sarah Teather has today slammed plans to introduce a residence test for legal aid, saying that she is "ashamed" of the Government. The plans will deny recent migrants from accessing legal aid for civil cases, including clinical negligence, unlawful removal of children and provisions for children with Special Educational Needs.

  • Article: Jun 29, 2014

    Local Liberal Democrat MP Sarah Teather has today wished her Muslim constituents Ramadan Mubarak as they begin a month of fasting, prayer and charity.

    Sarah said:

    "I send my warmest wishes to my Muslim constituents.

    "Ramadan is an important time in the Islamic faith - one marked by self-sacrifice, generosity towards others, and reflection on the plight of those in need around the world.

  • Article: Jun 9, 2014

    Liberal Democrat MP for Brent Central, Sarah Teather, has today encouraged Brent's bidding entrepreneurs to enter a scheme to find the top businesses of tomorrow.

    Last month, Lloyds Bank launched their 2014 Enterprise Awards to celebrate and recognise the top businesses of tomorrow. These awards allow for university students and graduates of less than five years that have founded a business to enter a competition with substantial prizes.

  • Article: Jun 2, 2014

    Lib Dem MP Sarah Teather has today called on ministers in the Home Office to stand-up and take responsibility after a damning report by the Chief Inspector of Prisons into how deportations are undertaken.

    The report found that staff employed to remove detainees were using inappropriate control techniques and criticised the lack of training on the use of force. Some staff were also found to have behaved in a juvenile way, including making loud animal noises, as well as swearing loudly.

  • Article: May 14, 2014

    The Liberal Democrats believe in a Britain that is open, modern, tolerant and diverse. UKIP, frankly, do not. We are the only party standing up to UKIP in and their brand of divisive, backwards-looking politics.

    Some polls have suggested that UKIP could come first in the European elections next week. If you want to know what sort of party they are, listen to what they say. Watch this video and ask yourself a question:

  • Article: May 8, 2014

    Liberal Democrat leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has named and shamed Brent's Labour-run council as one of the worst councils in the country for wasteful spending.

    At the launch of the Liberal Democrats local elections campaign in London yesterday (6th May), Nick Clegg unveiled a dossier loaded with more than £500m worth of vanity projects and expense claims amassed by Tory and Labour- run councils.

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