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Labour College Cuts A Body Blow To Unemployed In London - Teather

March 16, 2010 11:21 AM
Sarah Teather MP speaks at a press conference

Local MP Sarah Teather fought against Labour's college cuts

Liberal Democrat Brent MP Sarah Teather has condemned Labour's college cuts which have led to the College of North West London being forced to close their Kilburn campus.

Last year, the Labour Government withdrew cash that the college had previously been promised to spend on new buildings. This was a huge blow to the college's finances after they spent £4.2million on preparing for the building work.

Sarah Teather said:

"The same Labour government that were full of self-congratulation when the Kilburn campus opened are now directly responsible for its closure.

"By ripping up their promise to invest, Labour have derailed the college's finances at the worst possible time imaginable. Huge numbers of young people in Brent are out of work and this news is a body blow to their hopes of learning a trade and getting a job.

"I will be writing to the Higher Education Minister and taking this fight directly to the Labour government. Ministers need to come to Brent and explain themselves."

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