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Sarah asks about safety of Palestinian fishing boats in Parliament

March 5, 2013 4:53 PM

Sarah Teather, the Liberal Democrat MP for Brent Central and member of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Palestine, today raised the shooting of Palestinian fishing boats during Foreign and Commonwealth Office questions in the House of Commons.

Miss Teather asked:

"I recently visited Gaza as part of a cross-party delegation with Interpal. While there I was alarmed to witness, on three different occasions, the shooting at and intimidation of Palestinian fishing boats that appeared to be clearly inside the six-mile limit agreed by the ceasefire. Earlier, the Secretary of State roundly condemned, as is right and proper, the firing of rockets into Israel, but does he agree that peace depends on both sides sticking to the terms of the ceasefire, including Israeli naval ships?"

In response, the Minister answering for the Goverment said:

"Yes indeed; the terms of the ceasefire must be adhered to by all. The opportunity for Gaza to get greater economic independence and a resumption of normal trade to and from Gaza will be of huge benefit. That package needs to hold together. Israel needs to have security in its southern area, but Gaza also deserves an important boost to its economy so that matters can move forward. The ceasefire must certainly hold."